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The benefits of using a mobile banking app

These days, apps are part of our daily routine, whether it’s shopping, ordering takeaways or keeping on top of our fitness. Mobile banking apps are also becoming more and more popular in the UK, with over 26 million people using them.1

So if you’re considering a mobile banking app or still feel a little unsure, we’ve compiled a guide to explain the benefits of using an app to help you save, spend and manage your money.

24/7 Access

With our lives becoming increasingly busy, we don’t always have time to visit the bank, but we still need the same access to keep our plans moving. With a mobile banking app you can transfer money, check your account balance and set up direct debits wherever and whenever – it really is as simple as that!

Personalised Features

It’s great when people understand you and that’s what Rise does. With a Rise e-money account you can personalise your app features to your specific requirements, setting your own spending goals, introducing multi-currency wallets and changing the look of your personalised dashboard to suit you.

Instant Updates

Don’t wait all day on the phone for updates from customer service. Receive instant updates via your app on your balance, pending transactions and status of your spending limits with the touch of a button! Paper statements are a thing of the past!

Safe & Secure

Banking apps are safe and secure. Data is stored and encrypted, so the only way someone can access your account is if you give out your password (which you must never do!). Using advanced technology apps can also benefit from multi-factor authentication such as voice and face recognition along with more traditional passwords.

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