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How to set spending goals

Setting goals for your spending is a great way to help you keep track of where your money is going and save for those big purchases or unexpected bills. With the Rise online account, you receive a whole raft of tools and tips that make saving as easy as spending.

Why should I set a spending goal?

Having monthly, weekly or even daily spending goals helps you to plan ahead and budget accordingly. It’s easy to let our spending habits get out of hand, but once you have goals in place it will ensure you have peace of mind on how to spend your money with less worry – meaning you’ll have more money for the exciting things like holidays and nights out with your mates!

Balance View

It’s important to understand your spending habits before you start setting your goals. If your spending and saving are unrealistic, your goals and budgets will never work for you.

With the balance view on the Rise app, all your account information is at your fingertips, with your wallets and balance available as soon as you log in. All transactions are clearly displayed, which helps you to view your outgoings, while your monthly spend is calculated and shared with you at the end of every month.

Daily Spending Limits

What are your spending weaknesses? Coffee on the go? Takeaways? Or nights out? Impulse buys can be tough to curb and even tougher to keep track of. So here at Rise, we’ve created an online account and app that allows you to set a daily limit on your spending.

The integrated feature lets you choose your limits and allows you to block future transactions if required. The app will then notify you of your spending goal to help you keep yourself accountable and minimise those last-minute spending splurges!

Lockable Wallets

When you’re trying to save money towards a larger savings goal, sometimes out of sight, out of mind is the best way forward.

To support your saving goals, the Rise online account provides lockable wallets which keep your money locked away until it reaches a specific date, preset by you. The only way you can access funds before that date is to enter a pin number, which unlocks funds and transfers them to a separate wallet after 24 hours.

This feature allows you to think twice before accessing your hard-earned savings.

Sign up to a Rise account today, to get your spending under control and take advantage of our reward offers.